Pure Tamil Baby Names



I’m setting up this blog site to list pure Tamil names. Most of the names in Tamil Nadu are names of gods, and they are not Tamil names, for the most part. There are also non-religious names. Again, most of these are not pure Tamil names. My own name is not Tamil, and my parents don’t have Tamil names either. My grandparents had Tamil names. I’m quite sad about how we have named children for the last couple of generations. This is a pitiable situation in Tamil Nadu. Despite having beautiful names in Tamil, we choose to give our Tamil children north Indian names (Sanskrit based), simply because we don’t know most of the beautiful elegant Tamil names. We think that other language names sound modern and stylish. We too have modern and stylish names. We just haven’t used them. You’ll see a lot of those in this site. This site will list Tamil names for both boys and girls. You’ll also see the meanings of the names. Most of these names are short and sweet and are suitable for modern times. For example, the name ‘Athira’, means jasmine – comes from the Sangam Tamil word ‘athiral’ for jasmine. Please share this site information with your friends. Let us get back to our real Tamil tradition.

I live in Hawaii, where the Hawaiians despite having been converted to Christianity for over 100 years, give only pure Hawaiian names to their children and they take great pride in it. Their names are quite long, difficult to pronounce, and end with sounds like – mai, wai, kai etc. The Hawaiians have a beautiful sounding language, which is not a written language. They have passed on their tradition and language through music and dances.

Hawaii, U.S.A.

Hawaii, U.S.A


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  1. You are absolutely right, Ms.Vaidehi. If you enclose a list of pure Tamil names (if possible with meaning) it would be really useful for the people who are searching for it!

  2. I appreciate this blog. I just saw it by chance, since I am now working on a Tamil Archive in my University in Germany. I’m a Tamil but I too do not have a Tamil name. Sadly I have also given to both my children Sanskrit based names. But I honestly believe, that its time that we redeem the glory of Tamil, as in olden days.

    Best wishes,


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